Integrate Landingi with SendFox Autoresponders

Joshua Cheong
May 29, 2021


SendFox and Landingi Integration

Although it is not explicitly stated, you are able to configure your Landingi lead pages to directly connect with autoresponder lists on SendFox using webhooks. This will allow Landingi to send lead information straight to SendFox via API.

Start in SendFox: Generate a List ID & API Personal Access Token
Obtain a List ID

If you do not have a list, create a list selecting “Create List”
Once you have a list, click into the list and take note of the List ID in the URL section of the browser (In this example the List ID is 7715)

Generate an API Personal Access Token

In SendFox, on top right, click to settings
On the left hand side panel, select API, and then click Create New Token
Specify a name for your token and copy your new API personal Access Token. (Save it somewhere you need it later in Landingi)

Move over to Landingi: Configure lead capture form with Webhook

Design a lead capture page and allocate a form section. Click SETTINGS.
In SETTINGS you can now customize the form fields to your liking. Next, click Integrations (left side)
Under Integrations, select Webhook
Fill up with the following settings for the URL, method, and form fields
Include a Request Header with the following content. Use the API Personal Access Token.

Left-Hand Field: Authorization
Right-Hand Field: Bearer <API personal Access Token>

Include a Request Parameter with the following content. User the List ID

Left-Hand Field: lists[]
Right-Hand Field: <LIST ID>

OK success! You have integrated Landingi with SendFox over API/Webhook!

Success kid felt never felt so productive



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